Marshal tyres provide exceptional value for money and are offered in the passenger car, SUV/off-road, people carrier/van and truck segments. Marshal tyres are characterised by outstanding performance at attractive prices, a combination which saw Marshal’s I`ZEN MW15 winter tyres “recommended” in the overall assessment of the 2012 winter tyre test jointly conducted by ÖAMTC and ADAC.

Marshal is a subsidiary of the Korea-based Kumho Tire Company with its headquarters in Gwang-Ju. Kumho Tire was founded in 1960 and in the past year generated sales revenue in excess of 2 billion US dollars with more than 65 million tyres sold! The company is part of the Kumho Asiana Group, which is rich in tradition and one of the largest and most renowned companies in Korea, and to which Asiana Airlines, a member of the Star Alliance, also belongs. With over 10,000 employees worldwide, Kumho develops, produces and markets tyres primarily for cars, people carriers and trucks. Kumho has production facilities in Korea, China and Vietnam, and also has research and development centres in Korea, China, Europe and North America. Kumho tyres are fitted as original equipment in vehicles all around the world, for example in Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz or the Korean brands Hyundai and Kia.


Proven technological excellence

Continuous R&D investment enabling technological prowess and product quality


Technology for Environment

Tires caring for the environment

Marshal Tires has continued to focus on developing the most advanced tires through its research institutes located in Gwangju (Korea), Akron (the US), Birmingham(the UK) and Tianjin(China). Such a dedicated commitment towards technological excellence has led to a series of product innovations. Marshal pursues “3 Lows” for its environmental stewardship – low fuel consumption, low level of noise and low wear and tear of tires. While developing tires with better fuel economy, stronger durability and longer lifespan, the company has implemented a full cycle of environmental protection from production through eco-friendly process to waste disposal.