Development of world-class tires

Marshal Tires is influencing the world with various types of tires including UHP tires which require severe F1 based technology tests, and Boeing 747 tires certified by NASA!


Run-Flat Tire Technology & Extreme Technology

Endless technological developments and research works conducted at Marshal Tires enabled to successfully manufacture the world-class tires.

Run-Flat Tire Technology


  • High technology tire that enables to drive even when a tire is flat
  • Korea’s first successful development (2003)
  • 80km/h of driving is possible in absence of air
Extreme Technology



  • Speed limit of 360 km/h (Only two companies in the world have this record)
  • New compound
  • Temperature radiation system

Development of the top-rated Labeling tires

Marshal Tires’ unique technologies on new materials, light parts, and optimized design have been realized to develop world-class eco-friendly tires.

Acquired EU-Labeling A/A grade
Developed Korea’s first EU-Labeling A/A grade product, ecowing ES01

Brand Standard RR WET Noise
ecowing ES01 195/65 R15 91H KH27 A A 71(2)
Acquired 1/2 Labeling in Korea
Developed and released eco-friendly tire, ecowing S, with Korea’s best technology

Brand Standard RR WET
ecowing S 205/65 R16 V KH50 1 2
Overall Standard RR(Average) WET(Average)
18 Vehicle models (Used on 70 models) 1.6 Grade 2.9 Grade